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Change Your Furnace Filter in 30 Seconds FLAT!

Changing your furnace filter should be part of your maintenance plan for your HVAC system. If you don’t change the furnace filter, the HVAC system will use more energy and perform poorly. While there are various kinds of furnaces such as electric, natural gas and oil, they all work with the same principles. Outside air is brought in and heated by the furnace and then distributed throughout the house. The filter protects the furnace from particles in the air that can cause the system to malfunction. The furnace filter eliminates the allergens and particles from the air that flows into the house. This ensures that the air you breathe inside your home is safe and clean.

Furnace filters are available in various sizes. Standard filters are one inch thick. If your furnace filter is thicker than one inch, you might have a HVAC system that uses a three to five inches thick filter. If you don’t know the size that’s used by your furnace filter, you can remove the old one and take note of the dimensions on the edge. You can also measure the filter. Measure its length and height. Those measurements may not exactly match the measurements of the brands found in stores, but you can round them up to the nearest size. As long as you do this, you will find a filter that fits your unit. I personally love Lennox, and always source replacement filters for Lennox furnaces.

Remember that using the right size is very important. If you use a filter that is too small, air will be unfiltered and go around the edges. This will allow debris and dirt to enter the HVAC system. Using a size that is too large means that it will be bent or crumbled to fit into the unit. This will allow also dirt and debt to enter your HVAC system. Furnace filters are designed to protect the HVAC system and failure to get the right size can shorten the lifespan of your unit. You can pick an expensive HEPA filter or a cheaper fiberglass option for a standard one inch thick filter. This can filter out most allergens and pollutants.


Things to Remember when Changing Your Furnace Filter

When changing your furnace filter, you have to find where the filter is located. It’s probably between the ductwork and the main component of the furnace. There is a labeled panel on most HVAC systems that marks where the furnace filter is installed. Just open the panel and take out the old filter. The size of the new filter should match the size of the old one. Stay warm this winter, maintain your furnace.

Make sure that the filter is facing the right direction. Furnace filters have an arrow printed on their side that shows the way the air should flow. Ensure the air is flowing in the arrow’s direction to get the highest level of protection from the filter.

Changing your furnace filter is very important as it helps keep the HVAC system clean. It also extends the lifespan of the system. As your HVAC system runs more efficiently, you can save on your energy bills.

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